To have comfort in life be it finance, health, or life style you must work hard for it unless you don’t have achievable dreams.
Take a close look at this bird and the nest on this page it constructed, beautiful and neatly finished but asked yourself how did it achieve this beautiful abode?
(1) It covered distance to and fro to get a suitable materials.
(2) The rain and high sun did not prevent it.
(3) It was windy yet that didn’t prevent it.
(4) Time was very paramount to the finishing of the project.
(5) Other birds may have prevented it but did not give up.
(6) This may not be the first nest as there could have been human interference by cutting off the tree which hold the first project.
(7) humans could have as well destroyed the source of materials from another tree.
The reasoning is that, don’t allow any type of unwanted situation prevent you from achieving your heart desires. Take on every opportunity that comes your way. Go extra mile to make use of the opportunity. Wishing you all compliment of the season.

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