Growth is a possibility. You can leave your former self into a
new version of you.
You have heard me say, your future is not looking for this
version of you..As far as your future is concerned, you are not
around. Because every time it comes to check, it does not find
the version it was assigned to lift.
This reality I experience today was always there but the
yesterday’s version could not access it..It was unfair for
yesterday’s version to experience this.
It is not the lack of car,
It is not the lack of influence,
All your destiny helpers are on earth but the version of you
they were assigned to lift is not ready.
Please understand this.
It’s amazing that when you are ready,
people suddenly seem to come from everywhere..
They were waiting for you to grow were not the one
waiting for them..
In this kingdom, you run when you stay!!!
When you STAY and GROW and BUILD…
That’s how you gain speed..
You don’t run by running, you run by staying!!
Jesus taught us how to run ..His disciples where six hours
ahead of him but he stayed and built, when he got up, he
started walking on water and caught up with them..
You will never raise until your understanding comes under the
influence of the word and power of God.
Tonight you are face to face with your yesterday, today and
your tomorrow..The choice is yours..

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