1, Health
Money is capable of buying drug, putting you in the best hospitals in town, get attended to by the best doctors but certainly not healthy.
During this pandemic, we’ve seen rich individuals with cash to spend get knocked off by the virus, these people are taken care of in the best hospitals in town, attended to by the best doctors – but eventually gave up the ghost.
We’ve also seen common man survive the virus, these latter set are treated in centres set up by the government and attended to by common doctor, and end up getting cured.
This simply tells us that, is we’re to think money can buy health – we’re making a huge mistake.

  1. Happiness
    Happiness remains one of the most common things a lot of people believe money can’t. TRUE HAPPINESS us far more valuable than what money can buy, happiness leads to inner fulfilment.
    A lot of rich people seek happiness after acquiring their wealth, knowing fully well that they won’t enjoy their wealthy if they lack happiness.
  2. True Friends
    If anyone thinks they can truly buy people over because of their wealth – they are making a big mistake.
    Money will only make people loyal to you for a while, after that period, they’ll either come out in their true colour or resolve to being fake with you.
    When money is spent with the aim of wanting to cajole people to be your friend, you will only attract the wrong type of people.
    True friendship goes beyond what money can buy.
  3. Home
    There will always be a difference between a HOME and a HOUSE. The former is the completed of the latter.
    A house of merely a place comfortable for living (money will easily get you a house), while a HOME is a physically, psychologically and emotionally fit abode to live in.
    Effort is required to turn a house to a home.
    A HOUSE accommodates people who are not necessarily emotionally connected, while a HOME has people who are Mich more connected (It tends to breed more happiness).
  4. Appetite
    There are a lot of wealthy individuals out there who are wealthy enough to buy all the food they need for the rest of their life (just for you to know how rich they are).
    But unfortunately, due to a reason or another, they find it difficult to eat.
    Some are lying sick in the hospital due to over thinking, others are not yet admitted in the hospital, but are mentally and psychologically sick!
    One can buy food, but certainly not the appetite needed to consume it.
  5. Sleep
    Just as one can only buy his food and not give himself the appetite to consume it, one can buy his sleep.
    If you start thinking that I’m bluffing, take a moment to think of people who are well to do and, give themselves the most conducive environment to sleep, but just can’t get themselves to SLEEP PEACEFULLY.
    Money will buy you a BED but never will it get you to SLEEP.
    Before thinking sleep is not important, wait till you can’t easily get one.
    Thanks for reading.


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