One person who believes in the positivity that people can achieve something great if they come together in harmony and work for it inspires the Power in Numbers blog. Therefore, what the power in number blog is about is for everyone who is inspired by love and poetry to share their love and connect with others who feel the same way all across the globe. We want our blog to heal and fill a void inside the heart of our readers and followers, waking the love inside of them and making them happy.

In addition, while we hope to make you happy with our words, pictures and videos, we would like you to extend helping hands to children who are dying of hepatitis b; so that they can get the rightful treatment, they deserve to make them healthier and happy. Our main aim is to reduce the spread of the virus and create a general awareness round the world, this virus is spreading fast, and with love, we can stop it.

One person cannot do this alone, but with the increasing power in number, I believe we can achieve this aim. So share our page with your friends and families, share the love, tap into our poems and stories, and leave us your comments…let us share the love and express that love and happiness in your heart through sharing.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Why only to children that are dying of Hep b? Why do you stop to matter when you become an adult??? People matter!! Not their age.


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